10 Website Bloopers that are Guaranteed to make your Visitors Cringe and Go Elsewhere

10 Website Bloopers that are Guaranteed to make your Visitors Cringe and Go Elsewhere

When you build a website you need to have some kind of plan in place. When you have a plan and follow it, you are less likely to make mistakes, forget to include valuable information and your information can end up being badly structured and un-organised. While you as the creator are able to read the information and understand it, your visitors on the other hand may not, and will probably require a little direction and more explanation.

The following 10 bloopers are very common and are guaranteed to make your visitors cringe and go elsewhere.

Blooper #1: No Contact Information

How are your visitors going to contact you? Stupid question, but you’ll be surprised how many businesses neglect to include this information. You need to provide as much information as possible to enable your customers to contact you if they want to. Remember to include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical addresses if necessary.

Blooper #2: Poor Organisation

Make sure that your website content is well organised, that it makes sense, and that all navigation links are obvious. You should even use subheadings to make it even clearer where the information is. You don’t want to have to make your visitors work hard for it!

Blooper #3: The Checkout process

Make your checkout processes straightforward and easy. Too many times people get to the checkout and they don’t know where to go next. There is often a lot of unnecessary information being asked, and generally it takes longer than the customer wants to spend buying the product. As a result, your potential customer leaves your site and goes elsewhere to buy. Don’t let this happen to you; make your checkout fast and as easy as possible!

Blooper #4: Typos

If your website has typographical errors, it will be noticed by your visitors. Understandably, most people consider this a sign of a novice; not a professional who is in business trying to make a living. If your website is full of spelling mistakes, people are not going to believe what you say, that you take your business and your website seriously and as a result they won’t either.

Blooper #5: Hidden Information

Stop hiding information! You as a web developer might not think that the information is hidden, but if it’s not readily visible and obvious to your visitors, then it might as well be hidden. Make all information obvious and easy to find.

Blooper #6: Personal Information

Don’t ask for personal information – if you do, explain why you are asking for it and do not make it mandatory. It’s all too common that people want to buy your product and services, but when they get to the checkout page they find that they have to answer lots of personal questions first. This will definitely scare your potential customers away and steer them into the arms of your competitors.

Blooper #7: Too Many Forms

Keep it simple. If you’re asking for membership details, checkouts, or anything that requires information, don’t use lots of forms. Find out what questions you really need to ask and keep it short, simple and to the point.

Blooper #8: You, not your Customer

Pay attention to your customers, their own needs, and what you can do for them. Believe it or not, your customer is not visiting your website to find out about you – they want to know what you can do for them! Remember this fact, and if you have to put a little about your company history etc., then do so in a separate section where visitors can choose to read it if they want to.

Blooper #9: Help People Make a Decision

When visitors come to your website they might not know what they actually want. So, help them to make a decision by leading them and making suggestions about products and services and how you can help them.

Blooper #10: Focus

Make sure that when a visitor lands on any page on your website that it is obvious and clear what you do and it remains so throughout the rest of the site.


Can you think of more Bloopers?

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