5 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Web Designer - Part 3

5 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Web Designer – Part 3

We’ve already talked about  the benefits of a good designer and the Elements of a Good Website. This week we’ll discuss things that you should steer clear of in Web design mistakes to avoid.

3. Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you are familiar with the elements of effective website design, it will also be helpful to know what to steer clear of.  Here are some common web design mistakes that you should avoid:

Keeping visited links the same colour

This is especially important if your website has many pages.  Your visitors can easily get confused if they are expected to remember every single page of your website that they’ve already visited, especially if they are looking for something specific.  Don’t lose website visitors because of this easy to remedy mistake.

Fluffy text

Yes, there’s a lot you want to say to your visitors, but you must break it down into tiny, bite-sized pieces or you will lose their attention.  Keep your text simple and to the point, and organise it into small paragraphs (no more than three or four sentences), with bold paragraph headers that clearly outline the page’s content.

Design elements that are ad-like in appearance

Studies show that website visitors have the ability to virtually blind themselves (or, mentally ignore) web content that looks to be an advertisement.  Therefore, if there is anything important on your page that even slightly resembles an ad (pop-ups, banners, and animated graphics and even sliders), you should reconsider the design.

Next week: What to Expect from a Good Web Designer.

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