Web Support and Maintenance

Full-service WordPress updates & maintenance for £75/month

Your website is really important because it is the front door of your business, a sales tool, and may be your primary source for marketing and revenue. We provide a great and helpful support and website maintenance service to ensure that your website stays up and running and will serve you and your business well today, and in the days ahead. Should disaster strike, we can get you back up and running in no time, because preventative maintenance is better than expensive repairs!

All WordPress Updates

We monitor your website so that we can update it as soon as updates are released. A real developer, updating and backing up your site. This includes core, themes and plugin updates.

WordPress Migration

During the setup process we can migrate your website for free to a more suitable hosting environment provided by our approved partners if you decide that it is right for you.

Preventative Maintenance

We will review and secure your website and set you up on the road for success during our setup process. Every website and hosting environment is different, so we work with you.

Compatibility Support

Ever updated a plugin or theme only to find out that something broke? We provide up to one hour of compatibility support. If it can’t be fixed during that time we will roll back your website to the latest stable version.

Scheduled Backups

Scheduled backups that fit your needs. We can store them on your server, to an off-site location of your choice or we can provide off-site storage for an additional low monthly cost.

Discounted Development

If enrolled on this services, we offer a discounted retainer rate on additional website maintenance and support services with our team of developers.

Malware Monitoring

World class security monitoring and malware attack cleanup. Stop attacks before they start, and eliminate malicious code if they happen; all free with this service.

WordPress Support

Every month you can get access to our developers for website maintenance and support services to use for anything you need: adding / editing content, installing a plugin, cleaning up a CSS issue, styling a plugin, etc.

Web Monitoring

Using our special monitoring software, we carefully keep tabs on your website to ensure that if the worse happens, and your site goes down, we can react quickly to ensure as little down time as possible.

If you have an existing Website that you need help managing, contact us and we will be happy to discuss a plan of action with you.

*Website Support and Maintenance services must be approved and comply with our Terms of Use

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